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By Katherine Calloway

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Within the 17th century medical discoveries referred to as into query validated Christian theology. it's been claimed that modern thinkers contributed to this clash version through the use of the discoveries of the wildlife to turn out the life of God. Calloway demanding situations this view by means of shut exam of 5 key texts of the interval.

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Bentley’s yoking of belief with behaviour aligns him with Richard Baxter, while his combativeness resembles More’s – and his description of the book of nature as a ‘great, dramatick Poem’ is unique. While his emphasis on the poetic nature of the book of the cosmos distances him from the Cambridge Platonists in their attempt to find a thoroughly rational reading and its attendant problem of unfitness, his insistence on the scientific accuracy of scripture opened his arguments to criticism and, eventually, caused personal doubt on Bentley’s part.

By the Sacred Scriptures The Wisdom of God Manifested in the Works of the Creation Three Physico-Theological Discourses The Folly and Unreasonableness of Atheism 1688 1693 1692 Second Boyle Lectures [unpublished] 1694 1691 The Folly of Atheism, Demonstrated, to the Capacity of 1692 the Most Unlearned Reader A Natural History containing Many Not Common 1693 Observations Extracted out of the Best Modern Writers The Reasonableness of Christianity 1695 Thoughts on the Causes and Occasions of Atheism 1695 A Demonstration of the Existence and Providence of God 1696 from the Contemplation of the Visible Structure of the Greater and Lesser World The Grounds and Foundation of Natural Religion 1698 Mystery of Atheism, or The Devices to Propogate It Cosmologia sacra 1699 1701 A Demonstration of the Being and Attributes of God 1705 Astro-theology, or, A Demonstration of the Being and Attributes of God 1715 In one way or another, each of these works ignores Francis Bacon’s warning and seeks to underscore the reasonableness of Christianity in a time when the term ‘reasonable’ was unusually shifty.

Along with Baxter, Ray is another example of a natural theologian who writes for a believing audience. Bentley, on the other hand, is far more congenial to the language of proof and certainty. Bentley’s inaugural Boyle Lectures, intended by their late patron to ‘prove the Christian Religion against notorious infidels’, were published under the title of The Folly and Unreasonableness of Atheism (1692), and I examine them in my final chapter, ‘God’s Philologist’. Bentley was not only an avid Newtonian but also a remarkably skilful classical scholar, and the latter of these two traits dictates the form of his natural theology as the former dictates its content.

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