NMR and Macromolecules. Sequence, Dynamic, and Domain by James C., Editor Randall PDF

By James C., Editor Randall

ISBN-10: 0841208298

ISBN-13: 9780841208292

ISBN-10: 0841210756

ISBN-13: 9780841210752

content material: An advent to NMR spectroscopy of good samples / Daniel J. O'Donnell --
Molecular movement in glassy polystyrenes / Jacob Schaefer, M.D. Sefcik, E.O. Stejskal, R.A. McKay, W.T. Dixon, and R.E. Cais --
stable kingdom ²H NMR experiences of molecular movement : poly(butylene terephthalate) and poly(butylene terephthalate)-containing segmented copolymers / L.W. Jelinski, J.J. Dumais, and A.K. Engel --
Spin rest and native movement in a dissolved fragrant polyformal / M.F. Tarpey, Y.-Y. Lin, Alan Anthony Jones, and P.T. Inglefield --
Characterization of molecular movement in sturdy polymers via variable temperature magic perspective spinning ¹³C NMR / W.W. Fleming, J.R. Lyerla, and C.S. Yannoni --
New NMR experiments in drinks / George A. grey --
program of the INEPT option to ¹³C NMR spectral assignments in low-density polyethylene and ethylene-propylene copolymer / Kunio Hikichi, Toshifumi Hiraoki, Shinji Takemura, Muneki Ohuchi, and Atsuo Nishioka --
¹³C NMR in polymer quantitative analyses / J.C. Randall and E.T. Hsieh --
The synthesis of novel regioregular polyvinyl fluorides and their characterization via high-resolution NMR/ Rudolf E. Cais and Janet M. Kometani --
The composition and series distribution of dichlorocarbene-modified polybutadiene by means of ¹³C NMR / Charles J. Carman, Richard A. Komoroski, and Samuel E. Horne, Jr. --
NMR spectra of styrene oligomers and polymers / Hisaya Sato and Yasuyuki Tanaka --
75-MHz ¹³C NMR experiences on polystyrene and epimerized isotactic polystyrenes / H. James Harwood, Teng-Ko Chen, and Fu-Tyan Lin --
Stereospecific polymerization of [alpha]-olefins : finish teams and response mechanism / A. Zambelli, P. Ammendola, M.C. Sacchi, and P. Locatelli --
Structural characterization of obviously happening cis-polyisoprenes / Yasuyuki Tanaka --
A ¹³C NMR learn of radiation-induced structural adjustments in polyethylene / J.C. Randall, F.J. Zoepfl, and Joseph Silverman.

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I n g e n e r a l , as shown i n T a b l e I I I , t h e s h o r t e r t h e < T p ( C ) > , t h e s m a l l e r t h e value of [ n / n ] . (The s t a r i n d i c a t e s t h e e x p e r i m e n t a l n / n r a t i o has b e e n c o r r e c t e d t o remove c o n t r i b u t i o n s f r o m r i n g s u n d e r g o i n g M H z - r a t e f l i p s as d e s c r i b e d i n t h e p r e v i o u s s e c t i o n . The f r e q u e n c y o f f l i p p i n g i s so h i g h t h e r e i s no s i g n i f i c a n t c o n t r i b u t i o n t o T p ( C ) .

Will gain the wider acceptance and use Literature Cited 1. Mehring, M. ; Fluck, Ε . ; Kosfeld, R . ; NMR, Vol. XI, Springer-Verlag, New York, 1976. 2. Abragam, A. "The Principles of Nuclear Magnetism"; Clarendon Press: Oxford University, London, 1961. 3. Schaefer, J ; Stejskal Spectroscopy"; Levy York, 1978; Chap. 4 4. Goldman, M. "Spin Temperature and Resonance in Solids"; Clarendon Press: London, 1970. 5. J. Ε O. in "topics in Carbon 13 NMR Nuclear Magnetic Oxford University, Haeberlin, U. ; Acedemic: New York, 1976; V o l .

Thus, f o r f u l l r e s t o r a t i o n o f M a l o n g t h e f i e l d , H , one must w a i t several t i m e s t h e v a l u e o f Τ j ( u s u a l l y 5 · T]_ i s s u f f i c i e n t ) . ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1984. 0 1 ! 1 —I Γ _ _ _ J 140. CHEMICAL SHIFT - PPM Figure 6 . A CP/MAS NMR spectrum of Ryton (polyphenylene sulfide). The s i g n a l s occur at ~135 and ~133 ppm ( from an e x t e r n a l reference of TMS). F i g u r e 7. A mapping of the carbon magnetization during a Τι measurement : a.

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